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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere, so we polled the market to see what people want to better understand more specifically about this topic. We discovered that many people want a frank conversation about AI and to dig-in to commonly used terms like conversational AI, machine learning and intelligent virtual assistants.

Learn more by listening to this 30-minute discussion with Joe Dumoulin, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer of Verint Intelligent Self-Service and Jen Snell, Vice President, Product Marketing of Verint Intelligent Self-Service to learn:

  • What is machine learning?
  • What are types of machine learning?
  • What is the state of machine learning?
  • How are machine learning and conversational AI connected?
  • Why are we just using machine learning now if it was invented in the 80’s?
  • What is the value of machine learning for businesses?
  • How can businesses evaluate and measure machine learning?


  Joe D Circle

Joe Dumoulin

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Verint Intelligent Self-Service

Joe has been working as a professional programmer since 1985, focusing on optimization methods relevant to manufacturing and enterprise processes. In his current role as CTIO of Verint Intelligent Self-Service, his work centers around machine learning and natural language processing and managing a research team.

 Jen S Circle

Jen Snell

VP, Product Marketing, Verint Intelligent Self-Service

As Vice President, Product Marketing, Jen leads the marketing strategy, sales enablement, relationship management brand enhancement, media relations, and market share growth across the Verint Intelligent Self-Service business unit.


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