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Customer Assistance

Empower your contact center
with intelligent customer engagement solutions
that adapt to individual needs. 

Provide smarter self-service and live assistance
to your customers through voice and digital channels.

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New Anouncement!

Next IT: Now Part of Verint Intelligent Self-Service

For two decades Next IT has been empowering enterprises to better serve their customers and employees with Intelligent Virtual Assistants and Chatbots. 

Now we're going to take Intelligent Self-Service to a whole new level.  

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Government Solutions - Citizen Engagement - IVR - Mobile - Fraud 

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Choose your path.

Engaging citizens can be very different from engaging customers.  Our deep experience in government and enterprise contact center solutions will help you engage more effectively in the ways most appropriate for your organization.    

To learn more about our government or commercial enterprise solutions, choose the path that matches your contact center interest. 

Customer Engagement Solutions - IVR - Intelligent Messaging - Mobile

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Verint, the leader in actionable intelligence


Verint's comprehensive platform for customer engagement optimization includes proven and unified solutions for customer analytics, omni-channel engagement management, and workforce optimization.

Contact Solutions Adaptive IVR can enhance workforce optimization and self-service performance. 

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Optimized IVR and Retail Banking Success

Success with Optimized IVR in Retail Banking

  • Optimizing customer relations for a large and varying demographic
  • An interactive voice response (IVR) system can transform the customer experience
  • IVR can reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction

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7 Steps to Win the Contact Center Optimization Game

  • Maximizing your response to changing customer needs while optimizing contact center staff
  • Leveraging the power of data analytics to boost your contact center operations
  • Maturing your contact center strategy to win and fix what keeps you up at night How to develop a persistent customer engagement strategy

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VP Operations Contact Center Survival Guide

Overlooked Solutions to Top Issues

  • A handy survival guide for the VP of Operations at your call center
  • Introducing strategies to better relationships between call center agents and customers
  • How mobile customer care can lead to happier agents

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Reduce Cost per Contact

Reduce Cost

Improve CSAT and CX

Improve CX

Increase Self-Service Utilization and Reduce ATA

Gain Efficiency

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Adaptive Personalization - Personalized IVR

Adaptive Personalization

Personalized IVR that adapts to individual callers.  Better CX and shorter calls.

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Adaptive Fraud Prevention - Prevent Fraud in the IVR

Fraud Prevention 

Adaptive Fraud Prevention spots suspicious behavior in the IVR so you can take action.

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We help enterprises improve CX, increase agent productivity, reduce cost per contact, and fight contact center fraud.  



Community Bank IVR Case Study
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