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Cloud Platform

No Outages, No Downtime, and Zero Network Drama 

If network reliability is at the top of your wish list, you’ve come to the right place.

Engagement Challenges

Why Did the Contact Center Honcho Cross the Road?...

...To avoid network drama.

Seriously, your job is to run customer service operations. But if your network gets breached. Or service goes down from bad weather, a software glitch, equipment failure, whatever, it could undermine your brand and your credibility with the C-Suite as well.

Contact Solutions solves that problem with a fortified platform that has processed billions of customer care transactions for over a decade without a major service disruption. That kind of 24x7x365 network reliability isn’t a commodity. It’s a critical success factor in the contact center game.  

If you’re looking for a self-service platform that offers zero drama reliability, you are in the right place!

Our Solution

Network Outages Freak People Out

That’s why business continuity is such an integral part of network design at Contact Solutions. If a component fails on our network, or a complete site goes down, our technology detects the failure, and automatically re-routes voice calls and data to our other sites, in real time -- with no loss of service to your customers.

With the reliability of our cloud-based platform, you'll get:

  • Three secure, high-performance, US-based data centers
  • Dynamic adjustments to peak call volume
  • Redundancy, continuity for network reliability
  • The experience of processing over two billion customer service interactions a year and barely feeling the load
  • Confidence in knowing your customers get all the benefits of automated self-service they need…and deserve

Customer Value

Yep, Zero Service Disruptions

Let's face it. Service disruptions suck. So, if network reliability is at the top of your wish list, you’ve come to the right place. 

For example, in 2011 our Northern Virginia (NOVA) network got rocked by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. It damaged the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral, and even caused the Pentagon to be evacuated. But the NOVA quake had zero impact on our platform. In fact, customer apps running on our network didn't drop a single customer call.