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Retail Banking Success - Optimized Banking IVR

What's Your Weakest Link in Customer Experience?

This whitepaper examines how, in light of the shifting landscape in banking, an optimized IVR program is more important than ever as an element of overall customer experience.  Research and anecdotal evidence directly from bankers indicate that when used appropriately, IVR can reduce costs and promote customer satisfaction and loyalty at a time when both are desparately needed.

Independently researched and written by G. Michael Flores, read this whitepaper to learn:

  • The role IVR plays in a re-examined customer experience strategy
  • New perspective on questions banking executives need to ask themselves now
  • How your colleagues at other banks are approaching IVR strategy

With 18 pages of analysis, tables, interviews, and findings, this whitepaper provides insights you can use to improve customer care and protect your brand experience. 

Get your copy now.

Retail Banking Succes - Optimized Banking IVR