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Maintain context across smartphones, tablets, and the Web for better customer engagement

Stay Engaged with Digital Consumers

It's hard to keep the attention of a digital consumer.  They multi-task.  They're constantly interrupted.  They hop from device to device throughout the day.  And this digital lifestyle feels totally natural to them. 

To get fully engaged with digital consumers,  it takes a new kind of engagement experience that fits their digital lifestyle.  My:Time™ creates that kind of experience.  When your customers engage with you through My:Time, your conversations persist across devices, over time, and all the way from self-service through live assistance.

Maintain context across smartphones, tablets, and laptops for better customer engagement

Stay Engaged Over Time

My:Time's unique Start-Stop-Resume™ capability lets you stay engaged with customers over time.  Your customers can start an interaction, stop for any reason, then pick up right where they left off...  Even if it's hours or days later.  My:Time makes it feel like interruptions never happened.  Recapture the buying moment for shoppers and reconnect effortlessly for better service and customer satisfaction.   

Stay Engaged Across Devices

Start-Stop-Resume also lets you stay engaged when consumers switch devices. Your customers can start a My:Time interaction on your web site, stop for any reason, then resume on a tablet or smartphone.  As your customers move from one device to another, My:Time maintains context and lets them pick up the conversation right where they left off.  Your customers are always on the move. My:Time lets your interactions move along with them.

Stay Engaged from Self-Service through Live Assistance

Digital consumers prefer self-service.  But when a customer needs assistance, it's important to provide an easy path to a sales associate or customer care representative who can help them.  My:Time's ™ feature provides a seamless transition from self-service to live assistance. 

There's no need for the customer to exit your app or online site to get the assistance they need. You stay engaged during the high-value moments of need without creating a fractured brand experience.  My:Time also can share context of the customer's self-service interaction so your associate is informed at the beginning of the live interaction.  

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