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Better engagement with online shoppers

Amy doesn't have time to scroll through a list of FAQs to find the ones that answer her questions, and she isn't in the mood to talk to a salesperson.

  • Present smart FAQs based on context, so the most answers most likely to address Amy's questions appear at the right moments
  • With My:Time™, Amy can transition seamlessly from self-service to a live salesperson while she's still shopping.  But if she's not ready to talk, that's OK...
  • My:Time lets you recapture the buying moment

Amy decides to work out while she makes up her mind about the purchase.  She abandons the cart for now and attends to other business.

  • My:Time preserves the context of Amy's shopping experience so she can resume later, any time it's convenient for her.

Improve online shopping conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Maintain context for online shopping on smartphones, tablets, and laptops

Because My:Time preserves context, she can continue her shopping experience from where she left off.  Now she has more time to get answers to her questions, and there's no time crunch to distract her from being in a buying mood.

  • Get answers to questions quickly and easily from smart FAQs or a live person
  • Engage with sales associates without leaving the self-service app
  • Works across web, mobile web, and smartphone apps


My:Time fits naturally within a multi-step buying process that skips across time, and across devices. 

  • Common shopping experience across smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Recapture the buying moment despite life's natural interruptions
  • Increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment

My:Time improves customer engagement across the buyer journey

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