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My:Time Pricing Model

My:Time Pricing Model

My:Time™ fees are usage-based and similar to other enterprise SaaS pricing models already familiar to your organization.  There is also typically some setup work necessary to integrate My:Time to your enterprise environment.  We can set up My:Time for you, or you are welcome to do this work yourself.  We charge a one-time fee for the portion of the setup work we do. 

One-Time Fees

The setup fee for My:Time varies, depending on how much you want My:Time to do for your enterprise when you first turn it on.   The size of the setup fee for the work we do depends on three main factors:

If you'd like to discuss your high level requirements and put together a ballpark budget to deploy My:Time, just click below to get your free estimate.

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Usage Fees

My:Time usage fees are based on a monthly active user (MAU) model.  A monthly active user is any end user who engages with My:Time during a given month. 

You pay only for users who engage with My:Time in any given month.  Idle users don't count as MAUs, so there's no charge for idle users even if they have used My:Time in previous months.

You pay a fixed monthly fee per MAU, so it's basically an "all you can eat" model for each active user.  It doesn't matter how many times an active user engages My:Time in the month, and it doesn't matter how many devices they use. 

With this pricing model, the business case for My:Time looks mighty compelling.  Contact us now to get started with My:Time.