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See how My:Time does it

Improve customer satisfaction during product and service delivery with the My:Time digital engagement platform

Self-service is often a preferred starting point for digital consumers.  My:Time™ makes self-service better, and also provides a seamless transition to live service when customers need assistance. 

  • Avoid frustration and create a positive customer experience
  • Reduce demand for immediate assistance from live agents
  • Streamline customer interactions and reduce costs
  • My:Time can drop into your existing web and mobile apps to enhance and extend self-service and live assistance capabilities.
  • My:Time can also become your mobile app if you're just getting started or planning to make a major upgrade.
  • Either way, My:Time creates a common experience across the web, mobile web, and smartphone apps.

Multi-modal communications include chat, text, voice memo, and images

Improve customer self-service through communication.

My:Time provides a multi-modal communication channel for both self-service and live agent interactions. 

  • Use text to complete forms or chat with live agents.
  • Voice notes are easy to record and add to the stream when texting isn't convenient. They also capture tone and emotion that text alone can't convey. 
  • When words aren't enough, just drop photos right into the conversation stream.

Dave completes his claim form, adds a voice note and a few photos, then taps to submit his claim. 

Dave gets a notification from an agent asking him to submit one more photo that captures a clearer view of some of the damage.  Dave complies, and soon gets a notification that his claim has been filed and accepted.  Mission accomplished.

Next time, he'll skip the phone and go straight to My:Time.

  • Creates one place where any problem can be solved, even if live assistance is needed or simply desired.
  • Customers are more likely to begin with self-service knowing they can get any type of assistance they need, if they need it.
  • My:Time becomes the trusted starting point for customer interactions.

Better self-sevice experience means higher self-service utilization

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My:Time digital engagement platform improves self-service during product and service delivery