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A Customer engagement superchannel

A New Experience for Digital Consumers

My:Time™ creates a new kind of experience that fits perfectly with the lifestyle of digital consumers:

Engage consumers at any point in the buyer journey.

My:Time supports a seamless engagement experience during customer acquisition, service delivery, and customer care.

Engage consumers on the device that’s most convenient for them in the moment.

Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer, My:Time provides a common experience across devices that will always be familiar to your customers.

Engage consumers when it’s most convenient for them.

With My:Time your customers can start an interaction on one device, stop for any reason, and resume on another device—even if it’s hours or days later. Interruptions don’t matter, and multi-tasking doesn’t get in the way of good engagement.

Empower consumers to engage how they want to engage.

With My:Time, consumers can begin with self-service and seamlessly transition to live service without leaving your app or fracturing a moment of truth. My:Time shares context through any transition, even across devices, so your customers will never complain about having to repeat themselves.

Engagement SuperChannel

My:Time is an engagement superchannel that attracts traffic from other channels like web chat, email, and the phone.  My:Time has a chat-like interface, an inbox like email, and it supports live voice memos when talking is more convenient than tapping.

Consumers prefer My:Time because it’s an any device, any mode, any time engagement experience that’s the ultimate in convenience and fits naturally with the way they live their lives.  

Enterprises prefer My:Time because it provides a more engaging experience for their customers at a lower cost than web chat, email, and the phone.

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