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My:Time Enterprise Integrations

My:Time Connects with your Enterprise

My:Time™ connects your customers to the people, data, and transaction systems in your enterprise. 

Live Agents in the Contact Center... and Beyond

With My:Time, your customers can transition seamlessly from self-service to assisted service supported by live agents.  Agents interact with My:Time through a web-based "agent desktop" engagement portal. The My:Time engagement portal can be deployed two ways:  

  • As a standalone agent desktop dedicated to My:Time and accessible via web browser
  • Integrated to operate within your existing contact center agent desktop environment

Beyond the contact center, you can configure My:Time to empower others in your organization to engage directly with customers who need assistance: 

  • Sales associates and subject matter experts
  • Personal shoppers and concierge services
  • Back office personnel and claims processors

My:Time gives you the flexibility to connect your customers with the people best equipped to engage.

Enterprise Data and Transaction Systems

Digital consumers prefer to take control and begin their interactions with self-service.  My:Time can provide self-service independently, or it can integrate with your existing web and mobile self-service apps to enhance their capabilities.  My:Time can integrate to enterprise data systems to support advanced self-service interactions including:

  • Personalized experiences based on context and CRM data
  • Order status and delivery information
  • Authentication and payments
  • Claims processing

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