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My:Time Customer Story - Insurance Industry

Creating a Mobile-First Customer Engagement Speedway

Meet Dave, the recently tapped customer engagement executive of a flagship insurance company serving over 10 million policy holders. Dave’s primary challenge is to figure out a way to drive exceptional customer experiences in today’s “mobile-first” world.

He knows insurance is a traditional industry in need of a non-traditional digital customer engagement strategy that serves its policy holders with the tools and devices they prefer to interact with – smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more.

He and his team have watched the evolution of customer interactions move from traditional phone calls to more diverse communications methods, and it’s his job to ensure the company stays ahead of the curve in understanding customer needs and delivering a better experience than any of his competitors.

In short, Dave recognizes that there are no boundaries in today’s mobile-first world. As such, he wants to help customers throughout their entire journey – from initial interaction to ongoing account support and beyond – through the communications vehicles they prefer.

Digital Interactions are the Cornerstone of Engagement Strategy

Dave’s company had decided that digital interactions were the cornerstone of their engagement strategy – from its flexibility to lower cost interaction model – and were actively taking steps to create an easy-to-use digital environment for policy holders to get the information and support they needed through their web, mobile web, and mobile app options. Customers could continue to call for support, but could now manage extensive services online and use email. For Dave and his team, however, that wasn’t enough.

Knowing that messaging and chat are the most popular communications methods for personal interactions, the company wanted in on the action to solidify customer relationships as well as reduce customer support costs. Dave started by evaluating various typical chat solutions, but they fell short of what he envisioned. The interfaces were too small and not user friendly. They were limited "add-ons," rather than integrated channels focusing on the entire experience.

Then, Dave discovered My:Time, a mobile-first digital engagement channel that answered the challenges they faced. My:Time allows Dave’s company to drive customers to further digital interactions in-app versus the traditional phone and email channels the company previously offered – and it does so across the web, mobile web, and mobile app channels he provides in a persistent, contextual manner.

My:Time Reduces Email and Phone Interactions

Dave and company solved the customer bottleneck that phone calls and emails can create for his team and his customers, and he did so with flying colors. Policy holders have hit the accelerator on channel preference, with immediate preference for My:Time messaging over phone and email. Early results show:

  • 50% migration from email to My:Time agent messaging
  • 3% migration from phone to My:Time agent messaging

When you consider that according to Contact Babel,  the cost of messaging interactions is 14% less costly than email and 83% less costly than a phone call – the insurance company is certainly on the right track to success.

Here’s how My:Time is solving Dave’s customer engagement challenge. Customers can message agents for additional support how they want to, when they want to with text, voice memo and images to aid their interaction. For example, customers can start out messaging from the insurance company’s mobile website, leave the site without waiting for a response if they chose, and pick up the messaging conversation later in the company’s mobile app. Customers find their message conversations saved and receive notifications when answers are available. Now that’s revving up the customer engagement engine!

Dave used the service to retain customers and create a better customer experience by allowing them to contact his company about anything they wish – policy information, payments, inquiries, and more -- through whatever channel they chose, at their convenience - effectively making the agency their “insurance BFF.” It also gave Dave a powerful digital communications solution that helps his company stand out from his competition.

Best of all, Dave’s put the power of communications right in his customers’ hands – and on their many devices.

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