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My:Time improves customer engagement in customer service and customer care

My:Time™ conversations can begin as self-service interactions, then transition seamlessly to live agents.  Customers and agents can exchange information during a conversation using any My:Time messaging mode:

  • Text/Chat
  • Voice Memos
  • Photos

Customers can instantly choose the best mode for any message, and switch effortlessly between modes during a conversation.  Better communication speeds progress toward issue resolution.

Life is full of interruptions.  Chris wants to get his issue resolved, but he doesn't want to force his anxious daughter to wait. 

When interruptions happen, you don't want your customers to feel trapped on a customer service call for fear of having to start over and repeat themselves.  And you certainly don't want to make them choose between you and another priority- like family. 

With My:Time they never have to face that frustration.

Stay engaged with digital consumers and maintain context despite interruptions

My:Time increases customer satisfaction in customer service and customer care

With My:Time, interruptions become irrelevant, so it's an easy decision for Chris.  He can give his full attention to his daughter without a second thought.  Chris knows he can effortlessly: 

  • Stop his interaction at any time.
  • Start again at his convenience. Maybe after her bedtime...
  • Pick up right where he left off without having to repeat himself.

My:Time maintains a full interaction history that both the customer and your agents can see.  This preserves context across time, even if Chris resumes with a different agent.  So, he can proceed as though the interruption never happened.

In live deployments, My:Time users take advantage of this unique Start-Stop-Resume™ feature in 25%-30% of all interactions. 

Consumers today are strapped for time, and they have so many things competing for their attention.  My:Time lets you engage in ways that are respectful of their time, so your customers feel in control. 

  • Avoid distractions from competing priorities
  • Eliminate escalations from miscommunication
  • Better customer experience, higher CSAT

My:Time customer engagement platform reduces contact center costs

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My:Time digital engagement platform improves contact center efficiency