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My:Time business case for customer engagement

Customer Engagement is Free

My:Time™ Reduces the Cost of Customer Engagement
  1. My:Time interactions cost less than other channels like phone and email
  2. Consumers prefer My:Time, so they use it more often than other channels
  3. My:Time (a lower cost channel) attracts traffic from higher cost channels
My:Time Increases Live Agent Efficiency
  1. Agents can handle multiple, simultaneous My:Time conversations
  2. Agents claim they can provide better service with My:Time
  3. With My:Time, escalations in the contact center virtually disappear
My:Time Makes Apps More "Sticky" Which Can Lead to Higher Conversion Rates
  1. Customers can get assistance without leaving your app
  2. Higher customer satisfaction can build preference and loyalty
Strong business case for digital engagement ROI
Improve Customer Engagement
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Make web and mobile apps stickier
Increase Self-Service Utilization
  • Increase transaction success
  • Become trusted starting point
Reduce Costs in the Voice Channel
  • Fewer phone calls
  • Lower IVR call volume
  • Reduce telco costs
Reduce Costs in Email Channel and Web Chat
  • Fewer email interactions
  • Lower cost than web chat
Wipe Out Escalations
  • With My:TIme, escalations in the contact center virtually disappear

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