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Multi-Modal Messaging for Digital engagement

Multi-Modal Messaging

How many communication channels do you support today?  You probably have several, because today's consumers are used to having plenty of choices when they communicate with an enterprise.

  • They can talk to you in your voice channel
  • They can text you in your web chat channel
  • They can send you messages and pictures in your email channel 

Consumers tend to choose the channel and communication mode that's most convenient for them in the moment.  But when circumstances change... that can cause friction.  What's most convenient at the start of an interaction may not be most convenient or even most practical from start to finish.

With My:Time™, consumers can communicate any way they want, any time they want, without leaving your app or being forced to switch channels.  It's a multi-modal SuperChannel.  

Four Messaging Modes in One SuperChannel

My:Time supports four messaging modes in a single communication channel, so your customers can engage with you at their ultimate convenience.  They can switch modes effortlessly.  They can mix modes as often as they want within a conversation. 

Tap or Click

Users can tap or click their way through self-service screens presented by My:Time. Responsive design presents beautifully on the web, mobile web, or in mobile apps. 


Converse with a live agent or an automated assistant using text messages.  Text within My:Time without incurring SMS charges.  A favorite of digital consumers, short text messages are quick, versatile, and convenient for many interactions.

Voice Memo

Record and send instant voice memos with the touch of a button, even between texts.  Capture tone and emotion when words aren't enough (or when your thumbs get tired). 


Snap a photo from a smartphone camera and drop it right into a My:Time conversation.  Or insert image files from a computer when a picture helps you communicate more clearly than other messaging modes.

A New Digital Experience That's Way Better Than Chat

Consumers familiar with web chat will feel right at home using the text messaging mode within My:Time.  But once they discover the rest of the My:Time experience, web chat will feel like a trip back to the dark ages.  After all, it's just a phone call experience that uses text instead of voice.  Digital consumers expect way more than the same old experience in a new digital package.

My:Time createsa completely new kind of digital experience by combining Multi-Modal Messaging, Start-Stop-Resume™ and App2Agent™ in a single SuperChannel.  It's an experience created especially for digital consumers, and your customers will love it.  

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