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Mobile Shopping Cliffhanger - What frustrates shoppers and keeps them from buying

Why do 39% of consumers say mobile shopping apps leave them hanging?

Based on a survey of over 1000 consumers, this new research reveals that consumers are adopting mobile shopping at an impressive rate-- but a looming problem exists:

  • An eye-popping percentage of consumers report struggling with mobile shopping apps today
  • When consumers struggle, 51% will abandon the shopping cart and leave the app.  20% will leave the app entirely and never return.  

Fortunately, consumers told us exactly how to reduce struggle and improve their mobile shopping experience: 

  • 92% wanted two of the fixes described in this report.
  • 95% said these fixes would make them more likely to buy.

Don't leave your mobile shopping customers hanging.  Read this report and find out how you can increase revenue, reduce operating costs, and elevate net promoter scores. 

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Mobile Shopping Survey Report - New Research