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Where should CMOs direct their mobile app dollars

Set Your Mobile Priorities

Mobile's hot and it's a fast-moving target.  But with so much to do and so little time, how do you know which investments will matter most to your mobile shoppers?

This report can help.  Based on a survey of over 1600 mobile shoppers who have made purchases on their mobile devices, this new research reveals:

  • What will cause mobile shoppers to spend more time in the app and add more to their carts?

  • At what point in the shopping experience do shopper priorities turn upside down?

  • How often is mobile not-so-mobile, and how might that change your thinking about online shopping?

  • How can mobile become your ally in the fight against showrooming?

Got Mobile Appxiety? Read this report, lock in your priorities, and get ready to delight your customers and impress your colleagues. Get your complimentary copy now.


P.S.  The colorful graphs and charts will look great on your wall.


Mobile Shopping Survey Report - New Research