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Intelligent Context and Proactive Assistance for better customer engagement

Meet Me in the Moment

If you don't understand context, you can't understand your customers in the moments that matter.  My:Time™ uses intelligent context to create a different kind of digital engagement experience that helps you get closer to your customers. Know who they are.  Anticipate their needs.  Maintain continuity of experience over time and across devices. 

Complete Interaction History

My:Time captures a complete history of My:Time interactions - not just cookies or snippets.  This interaction history, stored security in the My:Time cloud platform, is available to both your customers and any live agents who interact with them.  Your customers and everyone who engages with them are "on the same page" so there's better communication, higher customer satisfaction scores, and next to zero escalations. 

The My:Time interaction data also provides and preserves context.  My:Time can also accept contextual data from other applications through a Context API.  For example, My:Time can use interaction data from your self-service applications to deliver context-sensitive help during self-service, or to deliver context to an agent when a customer transitions from self-service to live assistance. 

Continuity of Experience

Intelligent context enables My:Time to preserve continuity of experience when customers switch devices.  My:Time interactions can begin on a smartphone, move to a laptop, and end on a tablet.  Your customers can move freely among their digital devices without losing the context of their My:Time interactions. 

My:Time also maintains context over time.  With My:Time Start-Stop-Resume™ your customers can start an interaction, stop for any reason, and resume minutes, hours, or days later right where they left off.

My:Time App2Agent™ lets your customers begin an interaction in your self-service apps on the web, mobile web, or smartphone then transition seamlessly to a live agent without losing context. 

Proactive Assistance

When your customers are struggling with a buying decision or experiencing friction in your self-service app, My:Time can use intelligent context to offer offer proactive assistance.  This gives you the opportunity to seize the moment.  Engage proactively when you have an opportunity to enhance the customer experience or enable a sale. 

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