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Chatbots help users complete tasks using a conversational interface (the chat part) and a smart application (the bot part).

But building a chatbot is tricky. Chatbots 101 Forrester Report

It's even tricky to get started because of confusing terms and definitions.

To help you build a rock solid understanding of the basics, we are offering this free Forrester report:  Chatbot 101:  Building Conversational Interfaces.

By reading this report you will learn:

  • What need chabots fill
  • When, or if, chatbots will replace humans and apps
  • The 6 components of a chatbot
  • How to pursue chatbots

We read a lot of reports and articles on chatbots and this one is a standout for its clarity.  We highly recommend you download the 17 page report and read it today.

Get your free copy of this report now.


Chatbots 101 Report