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Why do Online Shoppers Abandon Your Mobile App?

Mobile Shoppers will abandon an app if forced to get helpConsumers love their smart phones, smart devices, and the ability to download mobile apps. There are 75 billion apps in Apple’s app store alone, and with more created every day, consumers have a lot to choose from. While the ever-increasing supply of apps provides a dream for consumers, it can create a nightmare for retailers and app developers.

Retail TouchPoints  recently published a byline article I wrote about our research that found that consumers are highly unsatisfied with the customer care they receive when shopping via mobile apps.

We are finding more and more that consumers have little tolerance for apps that do not meet their expectations. Companies that offer lackluster customer service options within their apps are falling short of what their customers want. And the results are devastating.

When consumers have trouble within mobile apps and can’t get the assistance they need without leaving the app, their experience with that particular company is damaged, sometimes to the point of no return. But mobile customer care can head off app abandonment, and even help boost the bottom line.  

Apps that allow customers to be in the driver’s seat, choosing the time, means, and place they receive service, will quickly become consumer favorites. Mobile customer care is part of a comprehensive mobile strategy that will prevent app abandonment, build brand loyalty, and keep your customers satisfied.

If you haven’t already, go check out my article to learn more.

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