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The Future of Messaging Apps

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I recently downloaded two apps onto my Samsung 6S phone: Google Allo and TalkType.  Allo is an intelligent agent (Google Assistant) that resides in the Google messaging app (Allo).  TalkType is a voice interface that allows you to use voice as the primary interface and input (the keyboard becomes secondary) for “typing” a message in any app.

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Time to Invest in Chatbots?

It looks like “everyone” is getting on the Chatbot boat.  They are hyped and hot and… I’ve gotta have one.  Or maybe not.

Motivations to get on the Chatbot boat vary.  Some will use this technology to automate simple tasks not critical to the business. These simple bots might have a WOW factor but don’t provide much business value.  For example, here is a list of 51 corporate chatbots across industries.

But others, like many readers of this blog, might have higher standards stemming from the demands of running large scale contact centers and customer engagement programs.

So is it time for you to invest in Chatbots?

Here are four recommended Chatbot investment criteria to consider before you jump on the Chatbot boat:

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Digital News Roundup August 10th

Check out this roundup of perspectives and insights that cover digital, mobile, chatbots, AI, and similar topics with a focus on customer service and customer engagement.  This is what I am reading, and I thought you might find it useful too!

Chatbots vs Humans in the Contact Center

 “Two of the biggest trends in business today are heading on a collision course….On one hand, every major technology company is investing heavily in artificial intelligence (A.I.), promising a better, cheaper, and faster way to “engage” with consumers. "

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Mobile Customer Care:  5 Signs You're In Trouble

Is mobile customer care something you should pay attention to or can you ignore it for now?  Here are 5 red flags that help you decide if you can wait any longer. 

1) You got a high percentage of mobile calls coming into the contact center

A high percentage of calls coming into your contact center from customer on mobile phone suggest your customers have made a shift.  That shift is one to greater expectations for speed, ease and experience that mobile brings to the table.  Of the 1.5 billion calls we process through our IVR every year, a typical client sees 70% of the calls coming from mobile devices.  The expectation of these callers has rapidly changed and your enterprise needs to be ready service them on their terms.  You get one red flag for thinking mobile calls can be treated like a regular call.  And a bonus additional red flag for not knowing percent of inbound customer service calls come from mobile devices.

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