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The Mobile Shopping Cliffhanger

Mobile Shopping Cliffhanger customer research reportAre mobile shoppers abandoning their shopping carts on your app? If you’ve put time, money, and effort into your mobile app, it can be frustrating when shoppers begin using it, but then simply abandon the app without making any purchases.

Mobile shopping is on the rise, and retailers everywhere are looking for ways to encourage in-app purchases and discourage app abandonment. Consumers these days have less time, are more price conscious, and have access to more information than ever before – and these factors are changing buying behavior. A healthy portion of online purchases have shifted from the web to smartphones and tablets. Mobile shopping has arrived – but there is a looming problem.

We recently conducted our “Mobile Shopping Cliffhanger” survey of more than 1,000 adults representative of the U.S. consumer population to identify emerging trends in mobile retail shopping.

What did we find? A revealing story about consumer dissatisfaction that was much more extreme than we expected.  Download your copy of the Mobile Shopping Cliffhanger report here

Online shopping is widespread, and continues to grow through mobile. Yet as customers are using apps more frequently for shopping, they are encountering more problems and cannot get the help they need. The result is disastrous for retailers. Consumers have high expectations for retail care when shopping via mobile device, and if those expectations aren’t met, they’ll abandon the experience entirely, translating to lost revenues, wasted resources, and decreased customer satisfaction for your company. Why have an app if it doesn’t work the way your customers need it to? In our retail report, you’ll learn about the habits of mobile shoppers, what they expect and why, and how to meet those expectations.

In our survey, 92 percent of shoppers say it would be helpful to have customer care automatically provided within an app to help complete a task or goal. And for those retailers who solve the problem, consumers indicate a strong willingness to reward them with more purchases, higher loyalty, and lower costs. The statistics are impressive, and there are many more where that came from.

Why not do the most you can to unlock the full potential of your app’s mobile shopping capabilities?

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