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How to Solve the Mobile Customer Engagement Conundrum

digital disconnect in customer engagementThese days, the answer to pretty much anything we want is just a tap or click away.  As the Harvard Business Review describes it, we live in a world of micro-moments, frequent moments in which we intensely want or need something such as a particular fact, destination, product, service, or activity; right here, right now.

Throughout the day, we frequently use mobile devices to check the Google Maps app for traffic updates, make a last minute reservation on Open Table for dinner that night, or calling your pharmacy to make sure your prescription is ready. 

Engaging in micro-moments

As our needs change throughout day and we shift through these different micro-moments, we’ve become accustomed to the instant gratification our mobile devices provide.

These micro-moments have also changed consumer’s purchasing behaviors and their expectations on engaging with companies. Recently, we uncovered findings on just how disruptive these new consumer behaviors are for customer engagement.

We found that in order for companies to meet their customers’ evolving expectations they need to start offering a mobile customer engagement experience that more closely matches the simplicity and immediacy of their mobile app-powered micro-moments.  One that maximizes convenience, fits their digital lifestyle, and supports multiple digital channels and devices.

This is engaging customers in their digital context.

In the spirit of making every micro-moment count, we summed up the key facts and takeaways in a shareable infographic.  Click below to get your copy. 

Digital disconnect infographic

Digital Disconnect Infographic

Find out how new consumer behaviors affect customer engagement strategies.

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