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Continuous Customer Engagement From Web to Mobile and Back Again

My:Time customer engagement platformWe just made a big announcement. Huge in fact.

We have released the latest generation of our digital engagement solution, My:Time™ 3.0, which will allow enterprises to provide an entirely new way to proactively engage customers with a never-before-seen continuous service experience across digital channels.

For those who don’t know, My:Time is a patented digital engagement solution that gives customers convenience and continuity in high-value moments of need, which are increasingly during mobile and smartphone activities.

Organizations can now create a persistent, cohesive digital customer experience that traverses their website, mobile website, and mobile app – in any order or combination, ensuring meaningful engagement follows customers throughout the lifecycle of interactions they have with the brand.

What does this mean? Unlike traditional web chat, built-in persistence allows customers to carry on conversations with the enterprise across digital channels at their convenience, with context maintained.  Customers do not have to complete the interaction at one time, or repeat themselves if they have to restart the conversation later, regardless of whether they’ve stopped and restarted a customer interaction in minutes, hours, or days, and regardless of the device they prefer to use.    

This seamless, cross-channel digital customer engagement will be a game changer for customer relationships. My:Time 3.0 is unlike any other product offered today and is a completely new way to engage with customers. We live in a hypercompetitive business world, and My:Time 3.0 will be not only a key differentiator, but also a game changer.

Keeping customers happy is an ongoing challenge, no matter your line of work. By providing a continuous line of service, which until now has been missing in all service channels, you can keep your existing customers happy, improve loyalty among your customers, and even attract new customers.

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