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John Hibel

John Hibel

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The Trust Issues with Mobile Payments and Customer Care

As we all well know, mobile payments are on the rise, and are expected to continue to increase over time. Despite widespread mobile adoption, mobile payments and mobile customer care have not reached their full potential for retailers, app developers, and even marketers.

Topics: Mobile Engagement Consumer Behavior

Mega-Mobile Commerce for the Holidays

As we discussed in a blog post last week, the mobile shopping landscape is rapidly changing, and more U.S. consumers are shopping via mobile device to both buy and redeem gift cards.

Topics: Mobile Engagement Customer Acquisition Digital Commerce

Is Your Mobile Customer Service Chained to the Past?

Although there are a variety of ways for shoppers to experience poor customer service (see our recent blog “The Worst Shopping Experience Ever”), it’s costing companies more than just lost revenues when it happens within their apps.

Topics: Customer Care Mobile Engagement Customer Acquisition

The Mobile Shopping Cliffhanger

Are mobile shoppers abandoning their shopping carts on your app? If you’ve put time, money, and effort into your mobile app, it can be frustrating when shoppers begin using it, but then simply abandon the app without making any purchases.

Topics: Mobile Engagement Customer Acquisition Digital Commerce

The Fast Track to Omni-channel Customer Care

“I'm not seeing how you're solving the problem. You're talking about the front end, but the contact center's challenges are in their back end, i.e. in how they handle the different channels.”

That was a comment I received from Tobias Goebel, Director of Mobile Strategy at Aspect Software, on my recent Omnichannel is Dead blog post.

Topics: Customer Care Mobile Engagement

When Customer Engagement Fails: The Worst Shopping Experience Ever

The other day I went shopping for shoes, and I had the worst shopping experience ever.   I’m not going to name the store, but it’s one that you would know.  I was virtually alone browsing the merchandise, looking at business casual work shoes to get me through the colder weather that will soon be upon us.

Topics: Mobile Engagement Customer Acquisition

Omnichannel Customer Care is Dead

What would happen if you woke up tomorrow morning and realized you were spending millions of dollars trying to solve the wrong problem? 

Topics: Customer Care Mobile Engagement

An Uber Brilliant Idea for Mobile Engagement

Earlier this week, ridesharing innovator Uber announced that it has partnered with nearly a dozen companies to allow users to directly order rides from within their apps. If a user is in the parent app of any of Uber’s selected partners, including OpenTable, Starbucks, and United Airlines, they can directly order a ride without having to close the existing app and then open the Uber app. “Uber” brilliant idea, isn’t it?

Topics: Industry Insights Mobile Engagement Service Delivery

How Fractured Customer Care Turns a Smartphone into a Dumb Phone

Recently I was talking with a customer service executive who has run several large contact centers.  I asked him where mobile customer care fell on his priority list.

Topics: Customer Care Mobile Engagement