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Jim DelloStritto

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Digital Customer Experience: Lessons from Forrester CXSF 2016

Don't you wish Curly had it right?  You know, the cowboy from City Slickers who said the secret of life is just one thing.  All you have to do is figure out what that one thing is for you, right? 

If Curly were around to help us figure out the secret of digital engagement, it wouldn't be pretty.  He'd have to take off his dusty old cowboy boots to count all the secrets that are important to digital customer experience.   

Today we have more channels, more technologies, more silos of data, and more distractions competing for the digital consumer's ever-decreasing span of attention.  How do you come up with a digital engagement strategy in a world swirling with chatbots, intelligent assistance, and new messaging channels?  

In search of answers, the explorer in me set off on a fascinating journey. 

Topics: Customer Engagement Digital Context User Experience

Digital Engagement Solutions: The 7 Questions You Must Ask

Digital engagement is all the rave these days. In CX circles leading all the way to the boardroom, buzzwords like engagement, omni-channel, and transformation are creating bingo winners every nineteen seconds.

Topics: Customer Engagement Digital Context Mobile Engagement

Digital Customer Engagement:  6 Customer and 4 Agent Requirements

You’re a consumer.  I am, too. 

So, let’s say we feel the need to engage with our favorite company.

Raise your hand if you want to be forced to use the phone.

How about forced into email?

What about web chat?

Of course you don’t.


Topics: Industry Insights Digital Context Mobile Engagement

Why Your Digital Customer Engagement is Failing

Have you noticed how dramatically the devices that surround us in the digital mesh have changed how we communicate? Of course you have. Digital technology has altered the way we all live and behave.  What does that mean for customer engagement? 

Topics: Digital Context Consumer Behavior