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Andrea Katsivelis

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3 Expectations Common to AI Adoption and Blockbuster Video Failure

The pace of change, and particularly AI adoption, is skyrocketing - moving at a magnitude that enterprises are challenged to meet. Today’s most active digital consumers and largest segment of the workforce, Millennials and iGen, are challenging that rate of change based on their technology adoption, behaviors and preferences. The Blockbuster Video bankruptcy remains a key example of why enterprises must adapt to consumer expectations, and it’s more evident and validated 5 years after their closure. Three critical expectations that impacted the Blockbuster Video failure also influence today’s adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). In this intelligence economy, meeting consumer and employee expectations can mean the success or failure of the business.

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Delivering Digital Context Happiness

You’ve heard about the Age of the Customer. That’s a customer environment that goes beyond traditional customer care; it is about establishing a context for an enterprise’s consumer-base. As consumers equip themselves with more devices, and those devices connect to each other, consumers create a personal ecosystem, called Digital Context.1 Gone are the days when consumers are comfortable adapting to preconceived engagement protocols. Today’s the day about engaging with consumers when they want, how they want – their choice trumps the enterprise – and it results in a win-win scenario if done right. That’s Digital Context in a nutshell.

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Top 2 Tips to Achieve Customer Digital Self-Empowerment

Enterprise contact centers play a key role in digital consumer engagement strategies. Enterprises need first to empower customers, and secondly to ensure that their customer care representatives are able to take up the conversations that have begun via digital channels. They’ll need to understand that these conversations are no longer one-off quick fixes; they’re part of an ongoing effort to build a better and more sustainable relationship with the customer over time, like tiles that make up a larger mosaic.

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Make Every Day “My Way Day” for Better Customer Engagement

It’s My Way Day!

My Way Day was ignited by the inspiring events that happened in the world based on someone’s new and innovative idea. The concept is simple: today you should do things exactly the way you want to because you never know what genius idea will come from it. (We’re sure your boss will understand).

When it comes to customer experience, we believe that every day should be My Way Day. We think that the ability to interact with enterprises and resolve discrepancies or problems should be convenient for the consumer -- possible on their own time, using whatever channel that suits them best in the moment they need help or support. In honor of this momentous holiday, we thought we’d share a few of the reasons we know it is important to make sure your customers have the capability at hand to interact their way.

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Digital Engagement: Can you say YES to “Being in the Moment?”

Missing out on critical moments when your customers, prospects, browsers, or shoppers are visiting you in your digital world—and by that I mean your website, mobile website, and mobile app—is like missing thousands of spectacular shooting stars passing you by as you briefly turn to look the other way. Who would deliberately do that? Well, unfortunately, a lot of incredible stars are passing by right under your nose and on your watch.

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Digital Engagement – a Magical Mystery Tour!

Working online… checking my phone (alerts/texts/emails/updates)… browsing online… browsing on my phone..texting… etc.  Sound familiar? I’m just like the majority of adults engaging in the digital world we live in today.

Did you know:

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