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A Mindset for Digital Transformation

Customer engagement has changed; it’s never going back.  And it’s driving the need for digital transformation.

Like many, your organization may be stuck in the past, relying on old ways to engage with a new type of customer with dramatically different expectations.

It’s OK. That can work...for a little while.  And, it has to; it’s not easy to drive wholesale change across a large organization, especially when it can affect culture, technology, processes, and other things core to the fabric of your organization.

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10 NextGen Commerce Insights From ShopTalk 2016

I just returned from a few days at the Shoptalk conference where 3,000 people came to explore nextgen commerce.  I thought I’d share ten takeaways from ShopTalk that look at how digital is disrupting commerce.  I found trends here that will likely impact all industries.

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Delivering Digital Context Happiness

You’ve heard about the Age of the Customer. That’s a customer environment that goes beyond traditional customer care; it is about establishing a context for an enterprise’s consumer-base. As consumers equip themselves with more devices, and those devices connect to each other, consumers create a personal ecosystem, called Digital Context.1 Gone are the days when consumers are comfortable adapting to preconceived engagement protocols. Today’s the day about engaging with consumers when they want, how they want – their choice trumps the enterprise – and it results in a win-win scenario if done right. That’s Digital Context in a nutshell.

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Top 2 Tips to Achieve Customer Digital Self-Empowerment

Enterprise contact centers play a key role in digital consumer engagement strategies. Enterprises need first to empower customers, and secondly to ensure that their customer care representatives are able to take up the conversations that have begun via digital channels. They’ll need to understand that these conversations are no longer one-off quick fixes; they’re part of an ongoing effort to build a better and more sustainable relationship with the customer over time, like tiles that make up a larger mosaic.

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Why Mobile Customer Care is Vital to Next Gen Commerce

The complexity of the commerce ecosystem is increasing creating greater risk that some function will create customer friction, struggle or even fail.  As you build the next-gen commerce platform for your business, we believe that it is critical to embed mobile customer care across all functions and over the entire customer journey.

7 Questions About Chatbots That Impact Digital Engagement Strategy

Are you hot for chatbots?  They're certainly heating up the conversation among customer engagement executives these days.  Chatbots have been around since 1994 and have matured to the point that they (maybe) can be used effectively for real business applications.  And now thanks to Facebook announcements and a demo of chatbots the topic is top of mind.  So how do chatbots impact your digital engagement strategy?

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