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3 Digital Engagement Components You May Not Have Addressed

Digital engagement is continually evolving and changing. (Well that's an understatement, isn't it?)

And so, if you’re not staying up-to-speed on consumer research, behaviors, and trends, you could be falling further and further behind. But have no worry! Consider these three components in your Digital Engagement strategy, and you'll be able to keep yourself in the fast lane:

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How to Solve the Mobile Customer Engagement Conundrum

These days, the answer to pretty much anything we want is just a tap or click away.  As the Harvard Business Review describes it, we live in a world of micro-moments, frequent moments in which we intensely want or need something such as a particular fact, destination, product, service, or activity; right here, right now.

Throughout the day, we frequently use mobile devices to check the Google Maps app for traffic updates, make a last minute reservation on Open Table for dinner that night, or calling your pharmacy to make sure your prescription is ready. 

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Digital Engagement Solutions: The 7 Questions You Must Ask

Digital engagement is all the rave these days. In CX circles leading all the way to the boardroom, buzzwords like engagement, omni-channel, and transformation are creating bingo winners every nineteen seconds.

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Digital Customer Engagement:  6 Customer and 4 Agent Requirements

You’re a consumer.  I am, too. 

So, let’s say we feel the need to engage with our favorite company.

Raise your hand if you want to be forced to use the phone.

How about forced into email?

What about web chat?

Of course you don’t.


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Why Your Digital Customer Engagement is Failing

Have you noticed how dramatically the devices that surround us in the digital mesh have changed how we communicate? Of course you have. Digital technology has altered the way we all live and behave.  What does that mean for customer engagement? 

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