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How Do I Drive Digital Transformation?

As you look to drive digital transformation within your business, we believe the customer service function can help drive and support your goals.   But not what you think of as customer service today.  Let’s look at the ways “digital servicing” can help you achieve your breakthrough business goals.  

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Mobile Customer Care Defined

There has been a lot of talk these days about mobile customer care or mobile customer service.  But what is it and why is it important?

Three years ago we started to investigate how care was provided by an enterprise to their customers who where on their mobile phones.   So we decided to ask the big industry analyst firms about mobile customer care.

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Full Circle Digital Context: 12 Things to Achieve Before Next Pi Day

Today is a good day to come full circle and consider how customers will drive your digital engagement strategy. Yes, it’s pi day. And if you’re eyeing a bigger slice of it in the coming year, it’s time to consider just how much things have changed.

As always, we’re here to help. We put together this plum of a list of things you’ll want to achieve before the next pi day if you want to get your organization ready for digital context. We hope you’ll find this to be some delicious food for thought that drives many fruitful discussions:

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Grant These Three Wishes to Win the Hearts of Digital Consumers

Once upon a time, consumers were respectful of your time. As an enterprise, you could grant them access to your people on your terms.  Consumers would wait their turn and be glad to accept help from a sales associate or customer service representative when you were ready to provide it. 

Those were the days, huh?  It seems almost like a fairy tale now, because digital consumers have turned that world completely upside down.  They expect more, pay attention to you less, and behave so differently it’s hard to know when or where to engage them.

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How Can You Save 32,000 Lifetimes of Wasted Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement success happens in the moments you share with your customers. So if you’re serious about providing customer experiences that drive true engagement, it’s essential to make every moment count. But every year, enterprises waste a huge engagement opportunity.

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Mobile Engagement Vendor Landscape

Mobile engagement, digital engagement, and customer engagement are some of the hottest buzzwords that executives like to toss around these days.  While most of us have a general understanding of what all these terms mean, the specifics can get as fuzzy as the cloud most of these engagement solutions operate in.

Would you like to sound really smart the next time a "customer engagement" topic comes up in a meeting?  Let's start with mobile engagement and break it down for you.

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Seusstastic Digital Engagement

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! 

To mark the occasion—and because we like goofy fun every once in a while—let's envision how Dr. Suess might have addressed digital engagement!

We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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