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Sweat the Big Stuff, Not the Small Stuff in Customer Care

A couple of months ago, we wrote a blog post about ridesharing innovator Uber, discussing the company’s brilliant idea to partner with nearly a dozen companies to allow users to directly order rides from within their apps.

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The First Pillar of Mobile-First Customer Care: App to Agent Access

In part two of this mobile-first customer care series, we discussed how smartphones have changed customers’ expectations – essentially creating a “mobile mind shift” -- and we touched on the five pillars of mobile-first customer care. The mobile mind shift means customers today expect to be able to do anything via their wireless devices in their moment of need. Smart companies will travel ahead of customers and identify these “mobile moments” and find a way to service customers through them in a way that delights them.

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Thinking Strategically about WebRTC in the Contact Center

Now that we’ve covered the “what” in part one of this series about WebRTC in the contact center, it’s time to look at the “why” when it comes to WebRTC.  While most companies haven’t yet embraced WebRTC for customer interactions (We’re still in the early adoption cycle as the specification continues to work its way through the standards process and gains more industry awareness)  it’s critical for companies to begin crafting a strategy  to empower their digital customer service with WebRTC.

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Is WebRTC Contact Center-Ready?

In the fall of last year, e-commerce behemoth Amazon introduced its newest Kindle Fire tablet together with a feature that some industry analysts have called “the shot heard round the world,” in comparison to the first shot fired in the American Revolution at the battle of Lexington. While the Revolutionary War started a trend of freedom throughout many nations of the world, the Kindle Fire “Mayday” button has launched a compelling new trend in customer support: easy browser-to-browser real-time voice and video communication. The Mayday button is an instant live video customer support widget that allows Kindle Fire users to summon an Amazon agent into a free video session within 15 seconds. It’s safe to say that the Mayday button has caused a few sleepless nights for marketing and sales executives of competitive device makers.

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How to Improve the Mobile Shopping Experience

We kicked off Money2020 this past Sunday with a presentation of our recent mobile shopping research to members of the Retail Gift Card Association. The research shows that consumers have identified major gaps in retail shopping apps.

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