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Digital Engagement Solutions: The 7 Questions You Must Ask

Digital engagement is all the rave these days. In CX circles leading all the way to the boardroom, buzzwords like engagement, omni-channel, and transformation are creating bingo winners every nineteen seconds.

Of course, I kid. But one think that’s not a laughing matter? Evaluating digital engagement solutions.

When evaluating digital engagement solutions, I recommend looking for customer and agent features and functions that support messaging.

And, don’t be fooled by vendors who just say they are doing this. Messaging is not just text. In reality, it is all about managing the user across the digital mesh. And, it’s about maintaining an engagement—and the context that goes with it—throughout the customer and representative journey.

Don’t place too much focus on Omni-Channel. It’s important only as an auxiliary method to communicate directly with the customer. Digital channels and messaging solutions can carry messages and data, allowing rich context, as well as access to devices in the customer’s digital mesh.

Engage customers in mobile moments

So…before you buy a digital engagement solution, ask these questions.

And remember, if you want to meet (or maybe exceed) your customers’ expectations? Make sure you get an affirmative response:

  1. Does the solution allow customers to stop in the middle of an engagement and resume later, at a more convenient time, on another device, with no loss of context? (persistence across conversation and device)

  2. Does it provide seamless transfer from self-service to interaction with a live representative—without leaving the service application?

  3. Does it offer a comprehensive customer representative desktop that supports conversations in the digital mesh? 

  4. Does it offer proactive notification capabilities allowing new or updated information to reach the customer no matter where they are in the digital mesh?

  5. Does it offer a complete customer interface and messaging capability, allowing new customer information to reach the representative?

  6. Does it offer management of multiple customer cases, as they chose to engage, share information, and message?

  7. Does it provide instant access to a customer’s interaction history and context —for both the consumer and the representative?

True digital messaging solutions persist across channels and devices.

More importantly, your chosen solution should allow a congruent and cooperative environment for both the on-the-go digital consumer and the customer representative. 

Do this, and…

  • Your customers will appreciate the concierge-like feel of the support you offer.
  • Your representatives will be better equipped to help build the brand loyalty your company so desires.

The old days of playing phone and chat tag between your customers and representatives is coming to an end. It really should have years ago.

What do you think?

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