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Fraud Prevention in the Contact Center

Epic Fraud! Biggest Food Stamp Bust Teaches Us a Lesson

We hear about fraud occurring in government programs all the time, right? So why was this month’s SNAP (food stamp) bust in Florida – aptly named Operation Stampede/Cash Hungry – so noteworthy?

With SNAP we generally see trafficking as the major fraud channel, where beneficiaries sell their own benefits to small-time crooked retailers and buyers for about 50 cents on the dollar. Generally, this is so they can support their families in other ways with the money, but sometimes it’s for nefarious reasons. Even so, SNAP fraud is touted at about 1.3% of all SNAP costs (there's some debate on that number), which is very minor when you consider the billions $ going into the program. Commercial enterprises face the same or more.

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Catch Contact Center Fraud Upstream in the IVR Before Damage Occurs

Fraud occurs every day and impacts the enterprise and the consumer. In fact, it’s so prevalent I can’t remember a time – certainly not in this decade – when fraud wasn’t a top-of-mind issue in our lives. But what happens when fraud impacts business on your watch, and you were certain you took every conceivable precaution to ensure it wouldn’t and couldn’t happen? There’s a missing link in fraud prevention, and it just may surprise you.

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