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Client Help Desk

Open a Ticket with Contact Solutions Customer Care

To report a problem or an issue with your Contact Solutions service, please submit a support ticket to the following email address: 


Tips for sending your support ticket email:

Cc:  Add email addresses for anyone else you want to receive this notification.  (Note:  All addressees will receive updates to the issue ticket created.)
Subject:  Include a Short Description here

Body:  Include the following information:

  • Application Code: Provided by your PM or email the Client Help Desk to obtain.
  • Product: Use one of the following – Inbound IVR; Outbound IVR; Surveys; NexxPhase, SmartCare, NIT Other.
  • Priority: Use one of the following – Low; Normal; High; Urgent (Note:  Base this rating on the impact your issue has to your business.)
  • Issue Category:  Use one of the following – Subscription to a Report; Optimization Portal Access; Call Trace; IVR Issue; Enhancement Request; Data Feed Issue; Other.
  • Issue Description:  Provide a detailed description of your Request or Issue.
  • Contact Information: First and last name, email and phone number. (Note:  This information should be for the person responsible for working with the Client Help Desk to resolve the issue.)

A Contact Solutions Customer Care representative will contact you soon.