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Government Customer Service Under the New Presidency

While the world watches as Donald Trump is inaugurated as the President of the United States, many government administrations and programs wait in limbo. What will this mean for citizen services, state of customer service in the near future, and frankly, your job?  Citizens will always need customer service, and agencies will always need affordable, effective options to solve citizen needs.  Technology modernization is a critical component of that future outlook.

inaugeration ThinkstockPhotos-628812438.jpgAs this recent Nextgov article “What will Trump’s Tech C-Suite Look Like?” states, a solid foundation for technology prioritization is already in play, and the future of government tech awaits from the highest office – and may already be formed and in action depending when this blog post is viewed. However, the direction all levels of government have gone to introduce much needed technology and process modernization initiatives remains on the right path.

We’ve seen great strides in government to introduce much-needed customer service technology, providing a sounding board for modernization for many government stakeholders:

  • Collaboration across programs and agencies
  • Peer-to-peer information sharing across states, agencies and initiatives
  • Improved citizen access through greater self-service, growing digital channels, and enhanced security measures
  • Operational efficiencies that streamline processes to decrease state worker burden and improve CX
  • NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions state contracting vehicle
  • And much more.

But there’s still room for improvement that government program owners can’t do alone:

  • Balance program budgets while delivering customer service in ways that meet today’s citizen needs
  • Manage the transitioning skill sets in state workers to create a service-ready team who can respond in both traditional and digital communication channels
  • Streamline citizen and state worker processes so everyone wins
  • Meet and beat security and fraud prevention issues head on, to both ensure program integrity and protect citizens

This recent Governing Institute research on Transforming the Citizen Experience with Modern Contact Centers delves deeper into how agencies are using technology to enhance service delivery. The infographic and accompanying research brief provide insights into where state agencies are today and identifies gaps to be resolved.

The future is in our own hands, and the time to improve, streamline, and better manage budgets and processes is now.


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