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Citizen Engagement Blog

TLC from the DMV: Driving Better Citizen Engagement in Transportation

Except for teens hoping to pass their driving test, few people are thrilled to be interacting with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Or, for that matter, state and local government parking divisions.

Renewing your driver’s license or registration, changing your address, transferring title to the purchaser of your used car or paying a parking fine – these interactions have always been considered necessary evils that typically involve long waits.

Topics: Transportation

Protecting Government Agencies from Fraudster Attacks

People who take part in State and Local Government Programs are prime targets for fraudsters waiting anxiously to grab-n-go their valuable information and funds. Crooks from around the world use a range of tactics to acquire personal information so they can take over a constituent’s account to steal benefits or payments.

At Contact Solutions, we’ve seen how clever fraudsters have tried to be in the interactive voice response (IVR) , a gateway used by many government programs to provide automated self-service and a path to live agent support. Without proper protocols in place identities, data, and funds disappear in the blink of an eye.

Topics: IVR Security EBT Fraud