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IVR Effectiveness Part 1: How to Implement Cloud IVR

We want to help you get your mind around the process of moving your IVR to the cloud. 

For that matter, this isn’t just about moving from premise to cloud.  Even if you’ve used a cloud IVR vendor for years, the prospect of switching to another vendor can easily conjure up images of a big project for your already-frenzied internal IT team. 
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CRM Magazine 2017 Best IVR and 10th Year WFO Category Winners!

Verint and Contact Solutions do it again!  CRM magazine names Verint as one of the top ranking contact center service leader for 2017. In fact, our WFO solution has taken top ranking for the tenth year in a row! Here's why...

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Which CRM Metrics Did You Forget?

Deploying and maintaining a CRM system is a big deal, especially when you consider the surrounding business processes and employee effort necessary to make CRM a business success. Without proof of success, executive support for the CRM initiative will wane, participation and progress will slow down, and success will be increasingly difficult to achieve. 

As you endeavor to create a holistic view of your customer interactions, are you, like many enterprises, forgetting to include detailed interaction data from one of the highest-volume customer interaction points in the company?

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IVR Basics: Router vs Self-Service

The IVR has evolved over time. Once considered just a routing technology that worked in conjunction with the ACD to get calls to the right place and eliminate the need for humans to act as gatekeepers for all calls, it has slowly evolved to be an end-to-end solution for customer self-service.

The Evolutionary Timeline

The IVR was born in 1962 when the Bell System first introduced tone dialing. During the 1970s and 1980s, call centers rushed to implement commercial IVRs, which simply detected input from the customer and routed the call to a specific department. These solutions were simply auto-attendants that took the place of a human operator for call routing.

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IVR Pricing: How Much Does Cloud IVR Cost?

Whether you’re thinking about moving your premise IVR to the cloud or changing to a new cloud IVR vendor, pricing will factor into your purchase decision. 

Much is written about how the cloud allows you to shift dollars from capex to opex, so we thought it might be helpful to share some details about how cloud IVR vendors typically structure those expenses.

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Who Are the Top Hosted IVR Vendors?

Over the last ten years, most of the IVR market has shifted to the cloud and that’s created a lot of disruption.  If it’s been a few years since you’ve considered an IVR upgrade, you might be surprised to learn that the “usual suspects” for your vendor short list aren’t the usual suspects anymore.

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