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IVR Personalization Improves Customer Experience

Adaptive Personalization IVRIn some programs, up to 98 percent of customer calls into a contact center are automated in the IVR for our customers. IVR is still highly critical to overall customer experience (CX), and may be the main source of experience with a brand.

Having access to the right data and knowing how to apply it to personalize your IVR can be the difference between winning and losing business. In today’s fast-moving, hypercompetitive world, customers want to be treated as unique individuals and expect companies they do business with to know them, and anything less is a bad experience. 

Traditional IVR treats every caller the same way, regardless of individual preferences or behavior. Such impersonal service leads to frustration and negative brand perception at a critical point in the customer experience.

With Adaptive Personalization, a multi-layered IVR personalization solution driven by behavior-based business intelligence and predictive analytics. This offering can personalize every IVR call to improve CX, reduce costs, and boost brand loyalty.

That’s right – intuitive IVR. Organizations now have the ability to more easily respond to caller behaviors and preferences, streamline authentication processes, and dynamically adapt calls at each interaction point in the call flow.

Richer IVR personalization helps organizations:

  • Understand exactly how customers interact with the contact center IVR, what those interactions cost organization, and how they impact customer experience.
  • Identify customer’s that are struggling with IVR and improve their experience— before they signal frustration by opting out of your system.
  • Adapt IVR to individual caller behavior in real-time to create unique personalized experiences.
  • Provide advanced and actionable real-time caller interaction and customer journey information at every step in self-service interactions to help drive strategic decisions.
  • Create speedier customer problem resolution that can be translated to shorter calls that boost in customer satisfaction and lower IVR channel costs.

Is your company getting the most out of your IVR? Are you aware of the capabilities that now exist to help you provide better CX and personalization options? Considering technologies like Adaptive Personalization to improve your call center and your business.

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