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How Cloud IVR Improves Worker Productivity

How Cloud IVR Improves Worker ProductivityAdaptive technology frees professionals to do their jobs. Case workers, law enforcement officers, and many other State agency professionals are being distracted from their primary roles by administrative chores associated with contact center inquiries. And government operations are not alone – commercial enterprises face the same productivity challenges. 

The main culprit? Manual processes such as intake, review and routing of phone calls, and web-based queries or submissions.

Contact center operations that depend on manual administration are time-consuming, laborious and prone to error. Worst of all, they lower the productivity of valuable and scarce professional resources, who are needed to assist constituents in the field.

Fortunately, many contact center functions are ideally suited for automation.

Advanced technologies within hosted contact centers, such as adaptive interactive voice response (IVR), cloud-hosted infrastructure, and actionable analytics, can provide:

  • Streamlined operations from intelligent, multi-channel interaction routing
  • Increased personalization that improves CX
  • Preference for fast self-service transactions and information
  • Multi-layered authentication
  • Improved communication with notifications and surveys
  • More comprehensive data analysis and reporting

They've got this!

Discover how a southern State is using adaptive hosted contact center technologies to increase the productivity of professionals in Human Services, Corrections, Child Protective Services, and other departments by enabling them to handle more case management and field work.

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IVR CX Case Study

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