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GenZ Perspective on Bad IVR and Bad Customer Service

GenZ, or Post-Millennial, consumers are the last demographic group you would expect to make a phone call for customer service. These teens and young adults want quick and easy solutions to their issues and prefer to use digital channels for them. They are impatient and will shortly make up the majority of our future customer target base. So what’s a contact center to do if they are lagging behind digital transformation and rely on phone customer service to help their customers?

During South Florida’s Take Your Child to Work Day today, I approached this topic with my inhouse GenZ expert, my son Nicolas, and here’s what he had to say.

GenZ perspective bad IVRAfter brainstorming the value of IVR and how it helps agents work more productively to better help customers (we’re talking 5-10 minutes discussion of IVR, agent workload and continuous improvement processes to help them both), the Post-Millennial consumer gets it!

Middle Schooler first impressions about bad IVR - it's 100% on target!

  • The customer struggles to find the help they need and have to go through all the non-relevant menus and information.
  • In the end they may not get what they were looking for – gets close to it but then the next option or menu gets them further away.
  • It’s too much time, dissatisfaction and they give up.
  • Learn from your mistakes – if you aren’t “listening” to your customer phone calls you will miss what they need. For example, what are the 3 things people want from the IVR that they have to transfer out to talk to an agent to get the answer?

Take less than two minutes to hear Nicolas’ GenZ perspective.

(Background noise is literally the middle-schooler waving around hangers)

South Florida’s Take Your Child to Work Day this year falls on February 2, which ironically is also Groundhog’s Day. There’s a whole blog post on that correlation somewhere, I’m sure.  

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