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CIO Review: Digital Consumerism Changes the Face of the Contact Center

Customer Service is no longer just about answering the phone; it’s about being responsive to voice, social media, messaging, video, email, digital web and mobile.

Addressing today’s digital consumer-centric environment is now table-stakes and your Contact Center technology has to step up and keep pace.  Working with clients struggling with outdated telecom and contact center infrastructure while others seize market advantage by embracing advanced multi-channel integrated cloud platform solutions is an eye-opening experience.  The conclusion is clear.  There’s only one-way to go.  That’s forward – and fast.

Regardless of the solution you chose, your strategy and the technology that enables it must be agile, reliable, secure and scalable.  It’s a complex omni-channel, digital animal that can span in-house, remote, and virtual services for a highly diverse – traditional and digital – consumer-base.  Teams, technologies, and strategies must be empowered to handle the evolving needs of such a multifaceted, ever changing beast. 

Read the full article in CIO Review magazine (Hint: Go to page 34 in the online magazine)

CIO Review article Randy Holl


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