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Mark Clark

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Insights on Verint's Acquisition of Contact Solutions

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff of Constellation Research recently wrote a blog post about Verint’s Acquisition of Contact Solutions.  These are the insights she offered:

Cloud-Based Customer Service and Customer Experience

Verint® Systems Inc. announced its acquisition of Contact Solutions, a leading provider of real-time, contextual customer care solutions. The combination of Contact Solutions advances the Verint Customer Engagement Optimization portfolio with the addition of cloud-based solutions that enhance voice and mobile self-service through automation and analytics-driven personalization. 

Topics: Industry Insights

Continuous Improvement in the Contact Center

We’ve all heard the buzz about personalized IVR self-service and how it takes the cost out of contact center operations. But, it can also put revenue goals over the top as well by improving agent productivity.

You'll get more productivity out of your existing agents, and it will enable your contact center to scale up call volume without adding more agents to the mix.

Topics: Performance Optimization Personalization

Our Hero: VP Operations for the Contact Center

It’s not far-fetched to say that the contact center is the single most critical operation in any company. If a company has a poor relationship with its customers, its other operations might as well cease to exist. The contact center is the place where the company and its customers meet. Whether this place is a battlefield (hello, Comcast!) or a collaborative and productive environment is a choice every company makes, and it usually starts with one person.

The VP of Operations is usually the contact center’s biggest decision maker. In most medium-sized and large enterprises, this is the person who crafts strategies for people, processes and technology and sets the tone for an organization’s relationship with its customers. It’s therefore critical that this individual understand people: both a company’s customer support personnel and customers themselves.

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Who Are the Top Hosted IVR Vendors?

Over the last ten years, most of the IVR market has shifted to the cloud and that’s created a lot of disruption.  If it’s been a few years since you’ve considered an IVR upgrade, you might be surprised to learn that the “usual suspects” for your vendor short list aren’t the usual suspects anymore.

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