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Demolish Data Silos to Improve Contact Center Performance

Integrating IVR and WFO Data Can Improve Operations and Customer Experience 

We’re all familiar with silos – those “isolated islands of data” (per Harvard Business Review) that make it difficult or impossible to share and analyze information to make better business decisions. This is particularly true in the contact center.

Silos can arise from several scenarios created by organizational culture and technology:

  • proliferation of applications, particularly niche software, which don’t work together
  • reliance on multiple project teams that may compete with each other
  • data hoarding by departments or database administrators
  • mergers and acquisitions that bring together disparate organizations with duplicative databases

Whatever their origin, data silos are a major problem, particularly in the age of Big Data and analytics. They prevent people from seeing the “big picture” that is necessary to spot opportunities, trends and problems affecting the organization as a whole. Data silos also act as barriers to collaboration, productivity and efficiency. Forrester agrees.  See why...

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IVR Analytics Help You Make Better Workforce Optimization Decisions

Companies are being inundated with data about their customers, which is being churned out by myriad internal systems as well as external outreach (social media, for example). The Internet of Things, with millions of connected devices and sensors, is exponentially increasing this data flood.

One major – though often overlooked – data source is the interactive voice response (IVR) system used by most contact centers to handle phone-based voice self-service interactions. Thousands or millions of calls per month to the contact center generate huge volumes of customer analytics information – a rich but potentially overwhelming resource.

The trick is making sense of this data, and powering it for your organization. If that’s the case, is too much data really too much?

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