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4 CX Fundamentals For Your Contact Center

Encounters with contact centers frequently fall short of the ideal. All too often, people are frustrated by long wait times and transfers to multiple representatives (who ask for the same information all over again). A poor customer experience (CX) can have serious ramifications. Negative opinions – expressed via social media or word of mouth – can impact your organization’s effectiveness in delivering needed services, and even its public reputation. 

Topics: User Experience

How Cloud IVR Improves Worker Productivity

Adaptive technology frees professionals to do their jobs. Case workers, law enforcement officers, and many other State agency professionals are being distracted from their primary roles by administrative chores associated with contact center inquiries. And government operations are not alone – commercial enterprises face the same productivity challenges. 

The main culprit? Manual processes such as intake, review and routing of phone calls, and web-based queries or submissions.

5 Reasons Why You Should Modernize Your Contact Center

To achieve the state of the art in contact centers, government and commercial organizations must look beyond the traditional model: reliance on the phone and live agents; on-premises infrastructure; distributed, siloed applications, data sources and security; and cumbersome manual processes.

A multi-faceted approach can benefit government and business alike