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Data Security in the Contact Center

It’s no surprise that customer data security is on everyone’s mind.  It should be. 

While enterprise business solution customers tend to be more savvy, there is still a need to underscore the security of these solutions.  

No one wants to be the company that lets personal data get into the wrong hands.

While agents in the contact center are often the target of "social engineering" attempts by fraudsters to gain access to sensitive customer information, it turns out that the agents aren't the only target. 

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5 Best Practices for Delivering Great Customer Service

The skeptics say that customer service is an oxymoron…that great service is a lost art.  But in today’s highly competitive economy, we all know it’s critical to an organization’s success. The question is this: Are you making the right moves to differentiate your brand with great customer service?

Consider some data points:

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