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Adaptive IVR Blog

Taking a Stand on Poor Customer Experience

Neither customers nor an organization’s representatives wish to be at the receiving end of a bad customer care experience.  Customers, myself included, dread the level of effort it takes to handle certain customer care issues that should be relatively easy to resolve. In fact, my husband and I will duke it out (okay, maybe it’s more of a rock-paper-scissors effort) to see which one of us “loses” and gets to call the cable/internet/any company when we have outages or questions. 

Topics: User Experience

Continuous Improvement in the Contact Center

We’ve all heard the buzz about personalized IVR self-service and how it takes the cost out of contact center operations. But, it can also put revenue goals over the top as well by improving agent productivity.

You'll get more productivity out of your existing agents, and it will enable your contact center to scale up call volume without adding more agents to the mix.

Topics: Performance Optimization Personalization

6 Steps to Prepare your Contact Center for Emergencies

Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast with fury in October 2012. As the massive storm moved ashore, large technology companies around the country began experiencing major outages due to the brutal weather. For call centers caught off guard, it meant valuable communications were being delayed or not sent at all. It also meant a complete breakdown in communication with consumers at a time when it was of the utmost importance.

Topics: Industry Insights

IVR Customer Experience Scorecard

Customer experience in the IVR is like anything else- what gets measured gets done.  Post-call surveys certainly help gather caller perception of the IVR experience, but perception doesn't tell the whole story. Unfortunately, legacy IVR systems don't always provide the data you need to get a more comprehensive picture.  Let's take a deeper look at the challenge.

So, what do you use to measure a customer’s experience through an IVR?  How do you know that they got what they wanted?  The answer to this question is actually straight-forward – you just have to focus on the customer.  Each customer has a goal when using the IVR application and has feelings about the way the IVR helped them complete that goal.  Contact Solutions has developed a CXR system based on the following focus areas:

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