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5 Reasons Why You Should Modernize Your Contact Center

contact center modernization wears many hats

To achieve the state of the art in contact centers, government and commercial organizations must look beyond the traditional model: reliance on the phone and live agents; on-premises infrastructure; distributed, siloed applications, data sources and security; and cumbersome manual processes.

A multi-faceted approach can benefit government and business alike

 Contact Center Modernization Wears Many Hats

  • Moving from premise to cloud hosted solutions
  • Improving engagement with easy-to-accomplish self-service
  • Upgrading to a hosted contact center infrastructure that provides more flexibility and data
  • Ensuring scalability and reliability measures are in place for the long run
  • Introducing digital engagement opportunities via web, mobile web, and mobile apps
  • Providing a new level of personalization that improves CX and satisfaction
  • Incorporating fraud prevention and integrity measures into all vulnerable communication channels

 Why Modernize Now?

  1. When individuals reach your contact center, they demand and deserve time and attention that can be costly if not done efficiently.

  2. Traditional, manual contact center processes are time-consuming, repetitive, and prone to error.
    1. They rely heavily on expensive live agents.
    2. They typically do not integrate with CRM applications to provide a holistic view of the customer.
    3. And they are not set up to collect and analyze data that can drive efficiencies and improvements.

  3.  Your on-the-go, tech-savvy customers expect to engage via digital communication channels in addition to voice – website, mobile web, mobile app agent messaging, digital context, and more.

  4. Your agents need a complete, consolidated view of the customer to be productive and efficient.

  5. Your department or organization requires new strategies to protect against fraud, support system scalability and reliability, and control costs – without impacting customer satisfaction.

The Cloud Modernization Menu

 Following are leading ways to bring your contact center into the digital world:

  1. Cloud hosting: Instead of struggling to fund, maintain, and upgrade on-premises contact center infrastructure, you can choose cloud-hosted technology that increases scalability, uptime and security while reducing administration. Platform, IVR, and contact center infrastructures delivered in a hosted solution removes the maintenance burden from your organization and provides enhancements in processes and a better experience for customers and staff alike.

  2. Latest technology: Adaptive interactive voice response (IVR), process automation, and actionable analytics capabilities are some of the new technologies that run today’s modern contact centers. They can integrate with back-end databases to present a holistic view of the customer, create a proactive process, and adapt smoothly to changing conditions.

  3. Digital engagement: It’s critical to offer individuals the option to use digital channels in a way they would prefer, with the ability to interact, obtain information, and get support across devices and channels without losing a beat. It’s time to collaborate to ensure your digital strategy fits your customer care goals.

  4. Personalization: A customized experience is a cornerstone of the digital economy that people expect and seek out. Adaptive personalization actually learns from past encounters to refine IVR options, and provide proactive outreach based on each person’s needs.

  5. Fraud protection: Powerful tools to prevent theft of customers’ personal information or benefits must be built into your contact center technology. The IVR, the contact center gatekeeper, is an often missed and critical component. Adding multi-layered fraud prevention into the IVR identifies probing and stops attacks and losses before they occur.

One State’s Success Story

To modernize their contact centers, many organizations – such as a southern State with multiple Human Services and Corrections programs – are adopting solutions that feature adaptive IVR, cloud-hosted infrastructure, and actionable analytics to improve citizen care and worker efficiency.

This State has gained impressive benefits from modernizing its hosted contact centers:

  • Scalability to handle greater volumes and new programs
  • Reliability to instill public confidence
  • Seamless integration with back-end systems
  • Ironclad security and compliance
  • Improved experience for constituents and agents

Get the details on this State’s success in upgrading its environment, and learn how the same hosted contact center technologies can benefit your organization.

Read the full case study >

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