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4 CX Fundamentals For Your Contact Center

Encounters with contact centers frequently fall short of the ideal. All too often, people are frustrated by long wait times and transfers to multiple representatives (who ask for the same information all over again). A poor customer experience (CX) can have serious ramifications. Negative opinions – expressed via social media or word of mouth – can impact your organization’s effectiveness in delivering needed services, and even its public reputation. 

Efficient, convenient service can polish your organization’s reputation

CX fundamentals in the contact center

4 CX Fundamentals

Delivering a superior CX is tied to several factors. Four fundamentals to embrace:

  1. Convenience: People want the option to use self-service instead of waiting in a queue for a live agent. They also want to engage using their preferred device (smartphone, tablet) or the channel that’s handy.
  2. Personalization: A great CX depends on a technology platform that is highly adaptable to individual needs and preferences, and learns from the past. Personalized self-service saves time and avoids repetition of information.
  3. Proactivity: The contact center experience should not be a one-way street. The best technologies feature proactive outreach (reminders, notifications, satisfaction surveys) and a contextual experience.
  4. Reliability: Nothing is more irritating than a dropped call or a website that’s down. Scalable cloud-hosted contact center technology ensures the high reliability that people expect.

Proven results: 400% increase in self-service

One client has achieved measurable improvements in CX by adopting state-of-the-art contact center technologies: adaptive interactive voice response (IVR), cloud-hosted infrastructure, and actionable analytics.

These CX gains include:

  • Shorter wait times and call duration
  • Greater use of convenient self-service
  • Caller recognition and menu personalization
  • Smooth, accurate call disposition
  • Complete information in a consolidated agent desktop, including CRM data

Get the details on this client's success in delivering a better CX, and learn how the same cloud-hosted technologies can benefit operational processes. 

Read the Case Study >

IVR CX Case Study

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