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Adaptive IVR 

Smart Self-Service Technology

Imagine self-service technology that's so user-friendly, it makes your customers feel like their time is valued. What could be more important than that?

Engagement Challenges

Great Service Meets Automation, Whoo Whoooot!!

Here's the thing. Confusion between bad service and IVR technology happens all the time. But IVR doesn’t have to be a metaphor for bad service. It’s not an absolute. What customers really want is for you to make it easier for them to get the service they need, via IVR, mobile, chat, whatever. 

If you're serious about getting over the hump of poor service in your IVR, Contact Solutions can help. Whoo Whoooottt!! 


Our Solution

Frustration-Free IVR

Over 79 percent of consumers said that they would rather wait on hold than deal with an IVR, according to a consumer attitudes study by Contact Solutions.

At Contact Solutions, we solve that problem by personalizing CX in real time, based on how your customers interact with our IVR. 

For example, our IVR with Adaptive Personalization can automatically push specific menu options to the front of the call flow, because that’s the information your customer most frequently requests. It can skip past the language option, because it remembers the preference information in your customer's profile, and plays all voice prompts in the language that specific customer prefers.

Our IVR can sense when customers are struggling with voice prompts. Then, slow them down, or speed them up. And even offer agent assistance BEFORE your customers get frustrated and hang up. It even comes with the only performance guarantee in the self-service industry.


Customer Value

Are You Driving CX By the Seat of Your Pants?

Your IVR is a high visibility, high volume, point of customer interaction for your business. So if you can’t measure how customers behave within your IVR, it’s like driving CX by the seat of your pants, so to speak.

Fortunately, Contact Solutions offers a better approach. We’re experts at guiding you through the process of benchmarking and capturing actionable analytics and optimizing CX in cloud-based IVRs.

As the core driver of CX in your contact center, your IVR has a broader impact on CX performance than any other call center component. So why do so many companies use gut feeling and intuition to manage the IVR experience? Because they lack the data to see precisely how their IVRs impact CX. And that’s where Contact Solutions can help.