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About Contact Solutions

Who We Are

Contact Solutions is a Verint Company.  We can help you transform customer assistance by making it smarter.  That’s good for you, the enterprise, because it reduces the cost and improves the quality of customer interactions.  It’s good for your customers because smarter interactions reduce effort and simplify the customer experience.

We have a long history of using data to continually improve the performance of the voice and digital interaction channels we provide.  Over time we’ve increasingly applied intelligence (both the human kind and the machine kind) to improve customer interactions in innovative ways.  Today we make customer interactions more personalized, less costly, and more secure. 

Whom We Serve

We serve both commercial enterprise and government clients.  In the government sector, more than 40 states depend on our cloud solutions to provide self-service to millions of citizens who participate in state assistance programs like EBT, WIC, and Medicaid.  In the commercial sector our clients range from Fortune 100 enterprises to regional banks, insurers, and health networks. 

Our Solutions

Our cloud-based intelligent solutions can fit within your multi-vendor contact center environment to address a specific need.  Or, they can be connected with other Verint solutions to take a more comprehensive approach to broader challenges.

  • Voice Self-Service. IVR that’s smarter and more personalized.  It saves you money, too.
  • Fraud PreventionUpstream fraud detection in the IVR, so you can take action proactively
  • Digital Engagement. An intelligent messaging solution with start-stop-resume technology. 
  • Citizen Engagement. Voice and digital solutions tailored for government.

Cool Stats

  • We manage well over two billion interactions a year in our cloud.
  • Over 20 million people with prepaid cards get assistance through our highly secure platform.
  • Can you say you’ve gone over 10 years without a network outage? We can

Work for Us

Contact Solutions is a Verint Company

The best and the brightest come to Verint for careers in high tech. Many companies aspire to excellence. For Verint, excellence is a way of life. We are a recognized leader in the enterprise and security intelligence markets, and our solutions are used by more than 10,000 government and commercial organizations around the globe, including over 80% of the Fortune 100. 

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